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Error at the Oscars

Error, fudge, huge failure… You can find more synonyms to define what happened last night at the Oscars gala, but none probably justice. Clouded to the Star City the sky last night.

It started with a tartamudeante Warren Beatty, who refused to announce the name appearing on the envelope. After read it and reread it, lengthening time thriller more than three times than usual and despite all those present, ceded it is his companion, Faye Dunaway, who did not hesitate to shout it, alien to the mistake.

“The the Land!”

And La La Land team took the stage, kisses were, hugs were given, they agreed to their friends, family, held the figurine proudly, took turns the microphone… Until it became famous, ubiquitous and versatile ‘man from the earpiece’.

“That not, that we screw up!”, had to say.

While some appreciated even in the microphone, the catastrophe was brewing behind them.

And it was then when, in addition to a monumental flurry, emerged why the Oscars Gala call this gala. With all education, affection, respect, integrity and dignity in the world, recently desoscarizado, team oscarizó to the new (Moonlight) no shaking and no boiling. They hugged each other, were the congratulations, they joked with blaming the poor Warren Beatty…

And it came the turn of artists by Moonlight: were kisses, hugs were given, they agreed to their friends, family, held the figurine with pride, etc.

Meanwhile, the good old Warren approached the microphone to try to apologize: grabbed the envelope and read ‘Emma Stone”, La La Land. Why it took so much to say it. Was not trying to be funny.

In fact, in the end not said it. He was the only one that has noticed the error and refused to participate in the. Although it could have been faster, indicating that there was some kind of error. Thus, everyone aguardaría expectant, will teach the correct envelope (and then the other, to not raise suspicion) and all excited and happy.

At the end is just an anecdote funny, associated garrafal failure. Although in the Star City just do not take it is as much philosophy in the backstage.

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