Friday , December 15 2017
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Gamers receive fake emails impersonating Razer with Malware

Razer in the crosshairs of scammers online that’s why in the last hours has been detected that users are receiving emails impersonating the identity of Razer with false proposals that only have an end, install malware on your computer.

It has been detected that many streamers have received a fake email sponsorship offer, wanting to supplant the identity of Razer. This email is a scam, and people should not click on any of the links that it contains so that their computers are infected with “malware” applications.

Data of course that is a scam: the email comes from a Gmail account, and not from our official accounts; Razer is misspelled in the name of the account, such as “Razorzonesponsorship”; Likewise, the text of the email has misspellings, common in this type of fake emails.

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