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Goliath will PS4 and Xbox One hand of BadLand Games

BadLand Games has announced its partnership with Alawar Premium and Octopus Tree to launch PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Goliath, the sandbox’s action-adventure.

“We are fans of Goliath from the first time we saw it. Do not the giant robots love who? “, says Luis Quintans, CEO of BadLand Games.” “Congratulations to Alawar Premium for having conceived a very original idea”. “When BadLand Games communicated us that they wanted to launch Goliath on consoles, just we could contain our enthusiasm”, said Artem Bochkarev, Alawar Premium producer. “Goliath is the project of our dreams, of Alawar Premium. We appreciate the opportunity that the game can become PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users! “.”

Goliath will lead us to a new world composed of a mixture of fragments of dead civilizations and distant future technological marvels. Factions fight between Yes, but all fear the giant monsters that roam freely around the globe. Luckily, know how to build Goliaths, so we will have to explore the world in search of materials, reproductions of blueprints, tools for the ‘ crafteo, and everything you need to create the largest and most ruthless possible Goliath.

See vibrant meadows, dense forests, spooky swamp, and icy tundras of an open world generated procedurally, characterized by the challenges proposed by weather dynamics, and a day/night cycle. In each area there are wild monsters and other dangers that we must overcome to survive.

Goliath will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the third quarter of 2017.

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