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Gunnar Optiks finally comes to Spain

Gunnar Optiks, an international brand known worldwide for its expertise in the world, will offer its solutions from April to protect the view within the Spanish market.

A patented solution to solve the problems linked to eye strain and eye stress with lentities ultra light, without distortion and with adjusted to each user ergonomic qualities, both for those who work in office several hours sitting in front of the PC and for enthusiasts of the world of video games, with and without the need for graduation.

Gunnar presents its patented lenses to protect and enhance vision. A solution developed to solve the problems associated with “eye stress” with which the user has a natural approach with one vision more clear and precise. These lenses reduce eyestrain of eye muscles, reduce dryness, and not interfere with the ability to sleep in relation to people who don’t use these lenses and have more hours of exposure to blue light.

Thanks to the specific color of your lenses and its coating, Gunnar Optiks allows us to block the harmful blue light and UV rays , thereby protecting our eyes from a possible degeneration macular.

With their specific models optimized for the world of gaming, where is the key to not losing nor a single second of the game, Gunnar has become a benchmark for teams and top most recognized players around the world. With comfortable models that make it easy to use even with headphones and the highest quality in their lenses, Gunnar is a sure bet for any fan of the world of video games.

Among its main features are:

  • Smart solution for those who want to have a relaxed, crisp and clear vision in the digital world.
  • Avoids the “eye stress” and other symptoms associated with them (fatigue, blurred vision, red eyes, head and even migraines) thus improving performance at work or in moments of pleasure (video games, Smartphone…).
  • Protect your eyes and take care of your ocular health preventing the passage of harmful blue light and UV rays that can cause a possible degeneration macular.
  • Possibility to buy them with or without graduation (- 6 to + 6 depending on the type of frames and lenses).
  • Mark supported with more than 10 years of experience at the international level and with patented thanks to its large investment in r & d solutions.

In addition, to celebrate its launch Gunnars invites us to participate during the month of April in the draw for its latest model launched FPS by Razer valued €99,90. You can do it from here.


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