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Snake Pass. Analysis PS4

Sumo Digital guys bring us back a genre that seems that you approaching a second youth, games platforms in three dimensions. Starring snake Noodle and Doodle flying teammate, Snake Pass offers an adventure in which we will have to show our ability with the remote control and the ability to overcome puzzles.

Sliding by air

Snake Pass put us on one of the floating islands of Haven Tor, but the situation is not quiet as it seems because the stones that allow work portals that transport us between the Islands have disappeared. This will be our mission, to locate the three stones that are found in each of the levels and bring them to the portal to get him back to work.

To achieve this, we will have to get used to move like a snake, something more complicated than it may seem, and search by every nook of the different scenarios to find stones. This goal will be extremely simple during the first levels, but as we move forward we discovered that Snake Pass has a pretty pronunciation difficulty curve. While in the first few levels just we have to climb to reach some collectibles in the second half of the game the structures will be genuine puzzles that we have to stop to study to reach even higher.

Here is where we are one of the strong points of Snake Pass and that it will not suffice to achieve the way to reach the stone that we have to get. We need to refine our movements to achieve our goal, although many times we will have to try it again and again. In the movement of Noodle we find another aspect that Snake Pass the rest of platform games the difference since we will have to get used to moving in zigzag since if we do online straight the snake will move very slowly.

In addition to the three stones which we will have to collect in each of the Islands also can meet other collectibles such as bubbles, which are the most numerous, or coins, a real challenge for players more completists. The problem arises when after past a few levels we realize that these are the unique objectives that we have throughout the entire game, what you end up doing monotonous.

What we most miss is something more depth in its narrative or at least one charismatic villain that invites us to continue playing when the game becomes repetitive. When we have made progress in history will unlock time trial mode, if it can be a challenge for the more ambitious players, but it doesn’t fix the absence of hook by the characters to keep us in charge several hours.

Live crawling

As we have already said before one of the most striking features of the Snake Pass is the way to move the protagonist. As a snake have to move crawling and done faster the more we move in zigzag. In addition, we can lift our Serpent’s head which will allow us to overcome obstacles such as stairs and climb by the different structures that you will find throughout the game.

This movement is joining the screw our body to make it more complicated to finish falling into the void, finally, also with the help of Doodle which we can ask that you sustain us whenever we are in contact with the ground, since the light Nightingale is not capable of supporting all our weight.

With those options and controls that respond in a way quite faithful to our orders from the remote control will have to overcome 15 levels to which we will have to face.

Snake Pass, a world in full color

Finally, let’s focus a bit in the technical section of the Snake Pass. The boys of Sumo Digital have managed to create a very pleasant environment full of colorful, that without having great flourishes as animations or textures is very striking. The problem is that in each of the fifteen phases containing the game we have the feeling to be in the same scenario. This feeling is something sharpened to find us with too small scenarios.

Also it is worth mentioning that the game moves very fluidly and not have noticed strain in the framerate. As for the sound, Snake Pass brings us a soundtrack very similar to the platforms of the 90’s such as Banjo Kazooie or Donkey Kong.

Conclusion of Snake Pass

Snake Pass brings back a genre that succeeded enormously two decades ago, but is halfway to becoming a great title because of the linearity of the experience offered and the limited variety of objectives.

Despite all insurance that keeps attached to collectors of trophies with their puzzles and its complex handling.

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