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How to finish the craftsman Wogah in Far Cry Primal

Far Cry primal

We all know that there is a point in a game where we were stuck and unable to continue. One such case is the Mission of the Wogah craftsman in Far Cry Primal. We have tips that will make you the mission to complete it.

It descends through the cave

Arriving at the location of the mission, you’ll find yourself inside a cave. There used the vision of Hunter to locate a hole in the ground that is covered by woods that you can turn flame down to the bottom of the cave.

Far cry Primal

Use the hook to climb by another opening in the same area. It progresses with care and use it a couple of times, the first to move to the other side of a small moat and the second to descend to another cave. Be very careful not to fall from a great height or die, in addition several tigers will be waiting for you. Just with the Tigers to again use the hook and use it a couple of times to scale to the outside of the cave, and complete the mission.

Blood of Oros

You have to go in search of blood of gold rocks. Follow the path to the location you indicate and kill the enemies in the area. If there is no one in the area, you should look for the opening of each of the rocks until you discover a Flash in a part of the map, that Flash will prove to be the blood of gold.


Examines the four stones that you see in the area to get the blood of gold and complete the mission. You will get the achievement / trophy Arreglalotodo.

Top of Oros

Your main objective will be to go up to the indicated area to find feathers. You must climb the mountain in which runs the mission and go using the hook on occasions to reach the highest parts. As you go up the mountain, you’ll see some nests where you will find the four feathers of the mission.

The latest find at the top of the mountain, the nest will see on top of some rocks in the central part. Be careful during the climb because there will be Eagles guarding the nests.


The lost totem

The first thing we need to do is to Mark enemies, the best is to use Owl to explore the area and once we have them marked, it will be easier to remove them. Having inspected the area, we can go down the back of those who are in the up position on the right to kill them in stealth, or go with our animal.

When to begin the attack, we will focus on the carriers, since if one manages to escape during the attack, go quickly to the Northwest, to a camp where we will have to fight more warriors Udam, although if you attack with your animal will be a little faster and more efficient. When you get the 3 pieces of totem will conclude the mission.

The completion of these three phases, the blood of oros, gold top and lost totem, you’ve finished and completed the Mission of the craftsman of Wogah. You’ll get great benefits from it and you can continue with the history without having been stagnant in the mission.

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