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How to unlock the RSC 1917 optical in Battlefield 1

rsc 1917 battlefield dlc

The first downloadable content (DLC) Pack for Battlefield 1, They Shall Not Pass, has come this morning to play Premium users, and will be 21 for the rest of us. Along with maps and a new game mode, its main attraction are the new weapons for classes.

In total we have two new for each class, though they are variations of a single, except for the assault, which receives a shotgun and a personal defense weapon. The doctor receives the RSC 1917 in two versions, factory and optics. No doubt gained a powerful value for the battlefield.

The RSC 1917 optical unlock mission

rsc optica battlefield

Unlock the RSC 1917 with optical will not be too long. It says has chosen to get missions for each weapon; a habit that does not gets excited, but on the contrary that in Battelfront, are not requirements too desperate. And perhaps the kind of doctor has been that best stop has come out of all this.

All the missions unlock consist of two unique requirements, and must not activate one and just go for it, as is the case with the medals. While we play what we get to meet these requirements go to cumulando least those requiring something in a single round.

To get the RSC 1917 optics we have to get 75 cures and 15 deletions with the autoload factory.32. The first is simple: when we dropped a box of medicines (the most recommended for this case), we sanaremos to nearby allies. The thing is that if Battlefield 1 recovers life stretches, then each section is a cure. So that in a single game, we can get those cures without screwing us.

The autoload is another matter. It should be in a round and is not a rifle given good to everyone. It has a charger 5 ballads and other, hurtful, but must know how to use it well. However, 15 deletions are not an excessive requirement, in modes of play more than 20 minutes are easy to get.

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