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I-Kai Watch 2 shows a new trailer to celebrate the release of their demo

Nintendo has shown a new trailer of I-Kai Watch 2, the second installment of the saga of role that will arrive in two different editions: Fantasqueletos and Carnanimas. This trailer us shows several sequences of the gameplay of the title to celebrate the release of the demo in the eShop.

In I-Kai Watch 2 will go to Nate or Katie in a journey back in time where he must find out the reasons underlying the recent mysteries and altercations in your hometown. In its mission to explore these mysteries, you can visit Floridablanca as it was 60 years ago, travel through different locations and switch between past and present in an instant. We will explore environments full of details where you will meet and shall enter into friendship with a good handful of mischievous I-kai.

For the first time, will be able to Exchange medals I-kai online and create a team with your favorite I-kai to challenge other players thanks to the complete multiplayer. Winning or losing, we will combat points, and we may use them to acquire objects in club points of combat that will help us to promote and release imprisoned I-kai. Each version of I-Kai Watch includes five exclusive and original I-kai that in local mode and online mode can be exchanged, and each version determines if the player will join the army of the Fantasqueletos or of the Carnanimas.

I-Kai Watch 2 reach Spain on April 7 to Nintendo 3DS. Then you leave your trailer.

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