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Logan. Critical

It’s been 4 years since 20th Century Fox and director James Mangold brought us the second installment of one of the most beloved mutants, Wolverine. It must be said first of all that the two previous films touched the ridiculous, at least that of Wolverine origins. Immortal Wolverine, the continuation of this earlier, improved somewhat, showing more than ferocity by Wolverine and leaving a better image of the character. March 3 will reach all cinemas of Spain, the third film which focuses on the character of Wolverine, Logan. Hugh Jackman returns to give life to the character that you gave world famous, accompanied by Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier (Professor X, as you prefer) and Dafne Keen in the role of X-23.

In this third installment, we can see aLogan aged, more than 1,000 battle-hardened and tired of fighting. Few mutants that are alive, since almost eradicated its existence. Logan tries to live without attracting attention, taking care to a Charles Xavier, old and weak physically and mentally. This way of life that will be altered, after arriving unexpectedly, a girl named Laura (Dafne Keen), a special girl who live in persecuted by an organization that wants to capture it at all costs.

The idea of Logan is based on some aspects in the comic written by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven, The old Logan. I say that it relies on some aspects because adapting the comic to the big screen was impossible, only by the issue of rights and licenses that have held other producers.

We are not looking at a conventional superhero movie. It is very different from what we have seen to date within the genus, with a highly personal look at the character and its history. Road movie and western touches, Logan manages to transmit some freshness and at the same time respect the universe of the X-Men which has been built over the past 17 years. It seems that Fox is slowly putting the batteries and goes bringing us something different, as it was the case in the rowdy Deadpool. In this case, leave this hooliganism we could see in the character of Ryan Reynolds aside and focuses on a story with a mature script a script that lets the jokes and jokes under minimum.

The winks to other deliveries of the mutant saga will be present, some more visible than others, but perfectly identifiable. Rated R, Logan is taken the liberty of giving us action scenes that long ago we asked to see the character. It is a pity that they have taken both put the batteries in this sense, since the Wolverine is known for their ferocity when it comes to fight and everything we have seen so far, you could say that it was very light. Obviously we have some scenes within the saga, where the freedom to include it were taken, the closest example, the scene that has X-Men Apocalypse (next to the scene of mercury, what had the tape).

One of the things that I loved is the development of the character of Logan and Xavier. His dialogues can sometimes inciting nostalgia, recalling moments that we have seen during the whole saga. Patrick Stewart presents his best Charles Xavier and leave “vibrant” moments within the Ribbon. It may be about the vulnerability that transmitted or because I love as it represents the character from the first installment, but I loved his performance and it can be nearest yet that relationship that links you to Logan. In the case of Hugh Jackman say that she has not already been said: Wolverine from X-Men has been and always will be. Demonstrating that Wolverine lives inside, how fight, how it moves and above all how it interprets it. This is my thing, but there are moments that strikingly resembles the actor and director Clint Eastwood. Dafne Keen, I can only say that you will leave with your mouth open more than one. Stunning scenes that leaves the young actress and good prints that gives us.

There are parts where rhythm falters, but has not imported me too that leisurely pace that has at some point. All makes up for it with scenes of action, its development of the characters and some surprises that I am not going to reveal. They had asked me whether post-credits scene. I can already tell you that no, Logan does not have a post-credits scene. That Yes, I’ve heard recently that when the film comes out on Blu-ray and other formats, the film will feature extended… version Warner/DC fashion creating trend, anyway.

The only thing that bothers me in the movie is that they have taken both give us a film that deserves the character and the own Hugh Jackman. Was so difficult doing in the other two installments of Wolverine? Seriously?

If you like the character Hugh Jackman leads embodying 17 years I am almost certain that you’ll. But remember that it is atypical: is a proposal, to my understanding, risky and that works, giving importance to the development of the story as the character equally and downplaying the spectacular (which also exists). Total points that R, necessary for character classification, especially in action scenes. An R classification used properly, that no abuses have it in no time. In short, I don’t want to extend more, we have the best film of the character and of the mutants to date.

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