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Mars Gaming presents two new coolers for air

Mars Gaming has unveiled during today featuring two new coolers for air and a new thermal paste, providing more solutions to the intricate world of temperatures on the PC.

MCPU117 is composed of two superconducting U-shaped copper tubes which get extreme cooling of the equipment being in direct contact with the processor, dissipating the heat in three phases for then evaporate the heat through its grid.

Its grid of thin sheets of aluminium in the form of saw blades with wavy edges, prevents the air to generate noise when passing. In addition, its circular design open, moves more air flow than typical refrigerators square-shaped. Without lateral pressures, the MCPU117 prevents noise and manages to generate more drafts with fewer rotations.

The ultra slim profile with 90mm of MCPU117 fridge fan configurations makes it suitable for any type of computer case. The better cooling for compact boxes.

The extensive support that offers the MCPU117 allows that you can put in a lot of motherboards, including the new socket that have become popular with the advent of processors AMD Ryzen AM4 .

With a power of up to 120W thermal design and its ultra efficient heatpipe Direct-Core-Contact technology, it can withstand almost any processor to make the most of your computer.

mars gaming

On the other hand, MCPU3 refrigerator has a thermal design of up to 150W power and can support high performance processors so that your gaming experience is perfect.

Designed aesthetically into boxes with transparent windows, the MCPU3 includes a lighting in red with its four central LEDs. Because aesthetics are also important, this refrigerator looks in black and red colour of Mars Gaming.

The design of the MCPU3 is not merely aesthetic. Its black finish is made with paint rough nanotechnology to increase its resistance to air. In addition, its red fan blades have grooves that increase air flow and avoid turbulence minimizing noise.

Its toothed radiator has 4 superconducting copper heatpipes which, being in direct contact with the processor, get an extreme cooling of the equipment. If add you the unique treatment andNano-ceramics of its sheets of aluminum, the MCPU3 manages to increase by up to 30% contact with the air.

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Retail price recommended retail incl. VAT:

  • MCPU117: €13.75
  • MCPU3: €43.75

Mars Gaming introduces its new thermal paste of high performance MT0, providing greater variety and different benefits to its familiar MT1. The MT0 is a thermal paste of high-performance heat dissipation, maintains a stable temperature under any load.

With this paste, we manage to perfectly fill the space between the heatsink and processor perfect viscosity. With a its simple applicator syringe-shaped can distribute pasta easily and homogeneous exerting pressure that we consider appropriate.

Mars Gaming MT0 thermal paste material nanotechnology gives maximum safety being a non-conductive electrical compound.

mars gaming

Retail price recommended retail incl. VAT: € 1.50

All announced products will be in short at our disposal both in stores and online.

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