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Mass Effect Andromeda will have seven planets habitable

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In the last video of approximation to the Andromeda initiative (which you can see below) Bioware has revealed us the number of habitable planets that will be in the new Mass Effect. In total will be seven and explode the topics of science fiction with planets in a single climate and landscape to differentiate as much as possible.

However, it seems that these seven planets will not be the only ones that you can visit. Bioware said that there are more than 100 planets, but is not clear in how many can land, since he defends are several that we can do it. We will leave doubts on 23 March, until then, we can be assured that we at least land and explore seven of them. We have seen more kinds of planets (snowy) in which you can play, but we don’t know to what extent are freely explorable.

The seven planets of Andromeda

planetas andromeda

As we advanced, the design of these planets is based on that all over the world have the same climate and the same type of landscape, so each one will be a completely different from the rest area, and some are truly spectacular. These planets are important because our mission as pioneers of the Andromeda initiative is to find the best planet for humanity, explore and improve their viability.

Each of these planets has a very simple name: Habitat (X), from 1 to 7. The first that we can see is a desert planet, which even of barren appearance, has a pleasant climate thanks to numerous water currents that flow through its basement. The second is a source of minerals with reddish leaf trees, more thought as planet refinery than as a place in which to mount a habitable colony, according to the report.

In the third have, as it could not be otherwise, a tropical planet with jungles and waterfalls, a natural place that we will have to check if it serves to inhabit, but no doubt it will appeal to friends and strangers by its familiar beauty. In the room we have a peculiar landscape with elongated rocks that hold, as by magic, and which is presented as a source of liquid resources.

Habitat 5 we will see one of the most unusual landscapes with blue and purple flora, however, tells us that seems suitable for Turianos and Quarianos; This tells us that there will be Quarianos in the game, that we have not seen the hair (in this case, the town) yet. A landscape of science fiction with high cliffs, oceans, and mushroom-shaped trees is what promises to the sixth planet, whose climate is temperate. Finally, 7 Habitat is a tropical world that has all to be the next home of humanity, and the first destination marked by the initiative.

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