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Nintendo Switch. It is estimated that their manufacturing costs amounting to $257

Polygon has unveiled interesting information thanks to the Japanese company Fomalhaut Techno Solutions that have made an estimate of how much it would cost to manufacture an Nintendo Switch, the last console of Nintendo to get to the market and it seems that it is causing good sensations.

According to the company every Nintendo Switch would cost $257, taking a large part of the budget the screen of the tablet, the processor and the graphic as it is usual in these devices, a total of $167 The Joy-with, on the other hand, neither are cheap and it is that the manufacture of each of these controls are $45, which is striking, since Nintendo sells them to the public for $50 each. As we can see the Japanese company did not want to make too much money selling the console, preferring an aggressive strategy to sell much and cheap (the market price round $300).

So maybe, and based on these estimates, we assume that Nintendo will not make a cut in the price of the console in the short-term since their manufacturing costs are rather high in comparison with the sale to the public. Over time these costs will be reduced as it is customary in the sector, but it gives us the feeling of that take enough to see your discounted price.

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