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Paper heroes: the game through David Cage will arrive in a few days

Emotions. Feelings. Humanity. Sensations. Ideas. David Cage is a strict defender of the game as expressive and early in his career means wanted to impregnate their titles with such concepts, translate your passion so that others feel it like it. Has he succeeded? In the video game through David Cage, popular video games and youtuber critic José Altozano “Dayo”, analyzes the work of one of the creators of video games most emblematic and controversial of the past 20 years. The book will be on sale on March 17 and will take an origami gift for all those who purchase your copy at heroesdepapel.es.

The video game through David Cage is a study, not only of the author, but video game in general; a guide to trying to delve into its mechanical, in their language, and that it is shelling the way to understand this medium and the narrative of one of the main names of this new industry aspirations. How can a video game convey emotion? How a story and what can be learned from the film? And above all… What is a mechanic?

Perhaps the player and the player can find the answer among these pages and continue asking new questions whenever he takes on a new video game. Just like David Cage.

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