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Rebellion, the new comic of Overwatch, is now available

Blizzard has announced that rebellion, the latest installment of the Overwatchdigital comic series is now available. This new release is written by Michael Chi, Blizzard, and illustrated by Gray Shuko, Overwatch: rebellion can already be read through the following web

Rebellion will take us seven years into the past of Overwatch to witness one of the key moments in the conflict between omnicos and humans. At the gates of a historic peace treaty, a right-wing extremist robots, known as Null Sector, faction seizes King completo Row. The British Government forbids intervening to Overwatch, so Commander Morrison must decide if he disobeys orders and remains idle leaving that thousands of lives are in danger.

Overwatch is a multiplayer action game by teams, with elements of MOBA, which takes place in the near future, on Earth. Each game is a frantic multiplayer duel that pits two teams of 6 people who can choose between a motley cast of heroes, scientists, adventurers, mercenaries and wonders in an epic conflict worldwide. Every hero will have a different type skills and must assume a different role within the team, such as attack, defense, tank or support.

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