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Studio Ghibli library: The journey of spirited away, already on sale

Spirited away is probably the masterpiece of Studio Ghibli and the film of the century XXI most valued by the public and critics from around the world. Under this premise, the Heroes of paper publishing publishes a book that explores the universe of this film through its context, its characters, its subjects and its most outstanding artistic characteristics, without forgetting the folk and fantastic background and their relationship with other arts.

Spirited away is the first volume of Studio Ghibli library, the first monograph in Spanish collection dedicated to analyzing the Filmography of the popular Japanese company. This title is also the first paper Heroes published within his new label Crossover, where will accommodate theme like cinema, series, music and other areas of the so-called pop culture.

The book, which is in all the libraries of Spain, from 17 is accompanied by two very special gifts for all those readers who buy it through the paper Heroes website. It’s a bookmark and a unique film with an illustration of Chihiro and without face, two of the characters with greater weight in the Japanese movie plot.

Close to 300 pages full color make up this delicious work written by Marta García Villar and prefaced by the musician Ivan Ferreiro, a renowned devotee of this animated film which, with a spectacular recovery in its country of origin and more than thirty Awards behind him, stands as the most round feature in the Filmography of Hayao Miyazaki and one of the milestones in the production of the Japanese animation studio since its founding in 1985.

This story, a ten year old girl, with a deep message, an exquisite narrative and a thorough work of art, is a call to the recognition of the own capacity of adaptation in dark times, an ode to the strength of the new generations and a vindication of the power of the own will locked in the words. Countless children and adults around the world have crossed the tunnel to marvel at this story, fruit of prodigious imagination of a director and a study.

Through 2017, Heroes of paper will be published, under the Crossover label, the second volume of this collection will be dedicated to The Princess Mononoke.

And we must remember that they are already beginning to send the copies reserved I, Shepard.

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