Tuesday , November 21 2017
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If you want to be a Streamer with Twitch This is your moment

Streaming Twitch facilitates things famous platform for all those users who want to make money doing streamings. Twitch has put things more easy thanks to its new affiliate program which changes way of earning money with broadcasts of games. This is based as in other platforms similar to displays and …

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Twitch announces their new desktop application

Twitch launches their new desktop application and launches the Beta to get the application, which will start on March 16. This new application will be the best of Curse to merge it into a new experience with Twitch Desktop. With the Twitch desktop application, they are adding new ways to …

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Superfight is available for PC through Steam

505 Games has announced Superfight, a peculiar game where a bear polar can launch burritos up a Centaur depressive. This absurd fighting game is based on the game of letters of Darin Ross, which offers the same fun up to 4 players online. The title allows that any can issue …

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