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How to get metal easily in Ark Survival Evolved


In every game there comes a time where complicated get resources. Previously we teach you how to get glass, but now will help you to find something more important and essential, metal, one of the resources most used in Ark.

The metal is a resource that is used to create many tools and build different structures, but in the majority of cases should be refined into ingots of Metal, using a forging, these ingots. The tool that provides us with more quantity of this mineral is the peak of Metal. It should take into account that this resource is quite heavy and we must carry in inventory or take advantage of any creature that can carry more metal, as for example the Ankylosaurus, as well as to transport good weight is a great collector of Metal.

How is it obtained?


You can get normal rock, but typically contain very little amount in them. Some have much more content of metal, and are often found on the tops of the mountains, in caves, rivers, and at the bottom of the ocean. The metal-rich rocks are easily recognized by their yellow color, normally they don’t like normal rocks for sharp edges. They have rounded edges or cubic shape, and are a little brighter. There is usually more of rocks rich in Metal in the most dangerous and difficult areas.

The metal gets stinging rocks with a peak of stone, but with a peak of metal Gets a lot faster and in greater quantity. The most efficient way to get Metal is by using an Ankylosaurus, which can also carry the load easily.



The Metal melts it using a forge or also called Industrial forging, causing the metal to Metal Slug change, is an ingredient of essential construction. Two units of Metal merge into an ingot of Metal. This process takes about 25 seconds. A faster way of transforming metal, is to build several forges to have the ability to convert all metals without having to wait for, and at the end of the process you will have the metals that you transform one time.

Elements crafteables requiring metal

  • Compass
  • Feeder
  • Ichthyosaurus mount
  • Radio
  • Alarm trap

Crafteos with metal ingots

When convert metal in ingots, are used to build many more objects, among which include:

  • Work bench.
  • Factory.
  • Safety deposit box.
  • Metal peak.
  • Metal axe.
  • Pica.
  • 20px in firearms.
  • 20px explosives.
  • 20px ammunition.
  • Metal armor.
  • Camouflage armor.
  • Various mounts.
  • 20px mounts with platform.
  • 20px elevator structures.
  • 20px structures and Metal buildings.
  • 20px Metal pipes.
  • 20px electrical Cables.
  • Electrical devices.
  • Accessories for firearms of 20px.

As you see, is no longer something so complicated get this resource, once you know where they are and what tools to use, you’ll be ready to go to collect all metal as you can, and start building large amounts of objects that are within reach of this mineral.

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