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Overwatch receives a new patch and starts the 4 season of competitive play

Blizzard has announced the launch of a new patch and the start of a new season of competitive play in Overwatch.

After passing through the RPP this month, the new patch is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and includes several important changes. The most notable is the addition of the Explorer items, a new feature to let you modify the configuration of different maps, modes, and heroes, with which you can create a server to your liking.

The brawl Captured the Rooster, including during the event of the year of the rooster, has been very popular by which will be retained as the mode of game capture the flag in the Arcade with this new patch. In addition there have been many improvements in Overwatch heroes as the stronghold which is now stronger and more flexible with the transfer of power in a way sentry mode recognition. To learn the rest of changes you will find the complete patch notes here.

With the new patch is has also started a new season of competitive play, where the developers have introduced some changes. Here are some of the highlights:

  • High level players should play more competitive games to avoid the loss of points for inactivity, which will increase the precision and prestige of skill levels.
  • Will only receive rewards players who are among the top 500 in the end of the season, so that there is at all times an incentive to maintain a high index of ability.
  • To foster competition, are already not displayed less than 500 skill levels.

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