Tuesday , February 20 2018
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With Kickstarter Wype you can eat while you play

Some young people have launched a new project called Wype on Kickstarter that relies on a MOP with which you can clean your fingers after eating and before posing them on the keyboard or the mouse. With a non-slip base, they are made with microfiber with antibacterial solution, allowing that …

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Battle Princess Madelyn. First impressions PC


Rarely we can talk about exciting projects that we remind our younger children, at least in my case, but the truth is that we are now going to talk about one of those titles that awaken the child that we have inside, that he took the command of Super Nintendo …

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Banner series 3 began its campaign on KickStarter

Stoic, an independent video game development company, announced today that the Banner series 3 funding campaign has begun at Kickstarter. The 30-day campaign aims to raise at least 200 $000 to be nominated for the BAFTA Award-winning series a deserved conclusion. The turn-based strategy game, set in Viking culture, was …

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Crowdfunding: problem or solution?


During the last few months is being called into question the reliability of the features of crowdfunding, those applications that serve to make people donate a fully voluntary sum of money to a project in development. The world of video games is suffering lately from the darker side of these …

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