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Chaos arrives in Hearthstone with its new menu

Yesterday Blizzard gave a letter on the occasion of advancement to users who had acquired the new expansion trip to Un’Goro, departing light today the 6th of April. Yesterday the letter called Volcanosaurio resulted in a scrambled among users of Hearthstone.

Today is the day that during standard mode stop mountain rock kits can be used Black, the great tournament and League of Explorers, so during the past 24 hours, the Volcanosaurio has failed to live with a world that does not belong.


And it is that, as soon as they placed their hands over the letter, users have contrived is in forums like Reddit to make barajas that exploit the synergies that will be available today in standard mode and make the Volcanosaurio an unstoppable nature force until it becomes a more discreet letter under the shadow of others.

Thus, in which he is now known as the “Volcanosaurio day”, is have seen combinations that have led, for example, have three Volcanosaurios with four attack increases every one on the table. A vortex which beforehand had only a few hours but that it will be to remember. You could feel the passage of the Volcanosaurio by Hearthstone?

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